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Plague, Pestilence, Fire & Rebellion
Plague, Pestilence, Fire & Rebellion

London’s history is littered with social, economic and political crises, that have a psychological impact upon the people living through them.

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Heritage Short Breaks
Heritage Short Breaks

Our Heritage Short Breaks help families with a child with autism spend time away from their home environment...

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Magic Kimono
Magic Kimono

We spend a lot of time at the V&A helping people with complex needs find creative inspiration.

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Spectrum - European Project
Spectrum - European Project

Although the UK has now formally left the EU, and most of the continent is in lockdown...

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Delve into wonderful collections of work created by the participants in Outside In Pathways workshops. 




A society where the most marginalised groups are welcome and truly belong. A civilisation's heritage is represented in museums and galleries where art and artefacts embody profound social ideas that are accessible and belong to all. 


Outside In Pathways creates programmes for adults, families with children with disabilities and school leavers with autism, to access the culture and heritage displayed in London's museums, galleries, religious and royal palaces. We design and deliver ongoing arts workshops offering unique social opportunities at 37 partner venues in London to promote access and inclusion. 

We work with artists, composers and film makers already successful in their respective fields. The arts and heritage based projects offer unique social opportunities to some of our most marginalised groups.

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