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Creating from home

Creating from home

Posted on:

20/07/20, 20:11

Written by:

Paul Swift

Like many other organisations, the onset of the current COVID-19 crisis presented us with a huge challenge. All of our work supporting people with complex needs normally takes place in the public spaces at more than 30 of London’s cultural venues. Without access to these places, how could we continue to help them achieve their creative potential and maintain the strong bonds they have created with each other over the years? We very quickly established secure online forums for our groups to keep in touch, continue working together, and share their art. You can see some of the results in Magic Kimono and Treasure Hunt. While we are all keen to return to the wonderful museums and galleries that inspire our work, our first priority is to ensure the safety of the very vulnerable people we support. The artists, singers and designers who guide our work are busy thinking of new ideas and new ways to engage them remotely, while we are updating our online platforms to make sure we continue to provide the best service possible.

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