Art of Social Significance

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To mark the first decade of Outside In Pathways work in museums and galleries, we asked the Thursday Group to select the art, exhibits and artefacts that have had particular significance for them as a socially marginalised group. The selection reflected three major themes of our work between 2008 and 2018: The cultural representations of disability through time; How power and powerlessness is depicted in art and how art and culture shape the group’s identity as Londoners. At workshops in the public spaces of museums and galleries across London the group were supported to express their thoughts, feelings, and emotional responses to the selected items through art and performance. Art of Social Significance resulted in a unique interpretation of the collections of London’s cultural institutions, highlighting how issues of disability, vulnerability and social marginalisation have been represented over time.


The group loved working with Shelly Wain to make two short stop-motion

 animated films using their artwork William Carslake led the group in a public performance of the opera ‘Art of Social Significance’ in the Chapter House of Westminster Abbey. The group learned about the role and purpose of curation – selecting and presenting a collection. Read the summary evaluation of Art of Social Significance. We are very grateful to Arts Council England for funding this project

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Delve into wonderful collections of work created by the participants in Outside In Pathways workshops. 


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